Hello engineers, architects, planners, and policy-makers


You are the builders.

You make the technical parts of our lives run smoother.

You cozy up to systems, plans, and logic like a golden retriever to a glowing fireplace.

And you love process like it’s going out of style.

But when it comes to implementing projects, one thing always complicates matters — people. People who live and work in neighborhoods, not "basins" or "alignments."

So, how do you communicate your complex ideas to the public—City Girl Communications.


Public engagement for the urban and urbane.



The value of your work is defined by perception.

Around the globe and down the block, words and relationships are the tools we use to make ideas come alive. Never leave them to chance.

Qualified public engagement helps explain how your work can transform communities for the better and provides you with vital data for decision-making.

Led by Tanya Cook, City Girl Communications is:

  • Public relations and strategic communications expertise for global infrastructure firms
  • Authentic public engagement focused on relationship-building with underrepresented communities
  • Balanced diplomacy tested during two-terms in Nebraska Unicameral Legislature representing a constituency that included working small farms, homeless shelters, members of the wealthiest and poorest tax brackets, and residents who spoke Amharic, Tagalog, and Spanish as well as English at home
  • Trusted policy-analysis proven through service to two governors
  • Global representation that begins with finding common ground

Anyone can write your press release.



City Girl Communications brings something to the table your marketing intern can’t offer.

Public engagement that is vital, informative, and inclusive.

  • Translate the value of your complex work for the average citizen who may affect or be affected by it.
  • Anticipate and prepare for what comes next with an ambassador who understands the landscape ahead.
  • Reach out in meaningful ways to demonstrate the importance of your work. The public expects to be involved in the issues impacting them. 



Interested in a behind-the-scenes podcast about life in the legislature?

In 2008, Tanya Cook was one of the first black women to be elected to the Nebraska Legislature. Representing a uniquely diverse constituency and bringing a lifetime of international travel to the job, she discovered above all else, she was a black woman living in a red state.

There’ll be stories to make you laugh. Some to make you cry. And some that’ll just leave you scratching your head. Tanya may be a stickler for good manners but she’s never boring.


    Listen to Black Woman Red State, if:

    • you're curious about what a political campaign looks like on the inside
    • you know what it’s like being the "first" or "only" in your own circumstances
    • you like to deep-dive into politics and policy-making
    • wonder how the hell a progressive black woman navigates socially in a red state

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